Hi, I'm Zitong Li

I’m a 2nd year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student @UCL.

I love
inventing, experimenting, growing,
taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and
having fun!


summer 2021 // Incoming summer intern at UBS, london. Technology

summer 2020 // research assistant at UCL, london. Neuroscience Dept.

spring 2020 // intern at Morgan Stanley, london. Technology.

spring 2020 // intern at Barclays, london. Technology.


University College London, 2022' // BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

University College London, 2019' // Foundation Mathematics and Physics

No.2 High School of East China Normal University, 2018' // High school

Let's connect!

email me at monicazitongli@gmail.com
or find me on linkedin